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TRFE 188: Brandy Pham, founder of Planoly, Shares About Being Vulnerable, Self-Care, + Motherhood

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”Last year was the hardest year because I never took care of myself. And I never really thought about myself. I put everyone else first.”


with Brandy Pham


TRFE 188: Brandy Pham, founder of Planoly, Shares About Being Vulnerable, Self-Care, + Motherhood | Podcast Episode | Entrepreneurship | Being A Female Entrepreneur | Personal and Business Growth | The Real Female Entrepreneur | Inspirational Women | Empowered Women Empower Women | Motherhood and Entrepreneurship | Founder of Planoly | Self-care | #personalgrowth | #personaldevelopment | #entrepreneurship | #selfcare | #motherhood | #planoly


If you’re using Instagram, chances are you’re using, or have heard of, Planoly. I got to sit down with Brandy Pham, the founder of Planoly, to hear her story. And I’m sharing that convo with you! Brandy is an incredibly inspiring female entrepreneur who’s juggling both a fast-growing business and being a mom of one, with another on the way. So, to all of you mompreneurs who’re feeling overwhelmed right now, this one's for you.

We talk about…

  • How she got started in entrepreneurship with her jewelry company

  • The inspiration behind Planoly

  • Experiencing fast-growth (over one million users in two years!)

  • Why being your own customer is so important

  • Juggling motherhood with business

  • Making self-care a priority

  • Being vulnerable as a boss and business owner

  • Brandy’s 3 biggest pieces of advice



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Founder & Creative Director of Planoly

Brandy is a serial entrepreneur that has built several businesses in multiple industries. In 2011, she established her namesake jewelry company that was sold in stores like Anthropologie and Henri Bendel. Her latest venture is Planoly, which was created from a personal need, is the premier planning software for brands and influencers on Instagram. With over 1 million users in just two short years, Planoly has grown into a must-have tool for serious Instagram users and household names such as Estée Lauder and Lululemon.


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