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TRFE 179: One Female Entrepreneur’s Roller-Coaster Journey with Jordan Gill

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”I was burned out. And no one told me that burnout can happen when you’re doing things that you enjoy.”


with Jordan Gill


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Entrepreneurship is a freaking roller-coaster and in this episode, you’re getting a fly-on-the-wall view into one female entrepreneur’s, Jordan Gill, rollercoaster journey over the past year and a half. From the high highs of tripling her monthly income during her first month to low lows like going an entire month with no clients and launch flops, Jordan is sharing it all.

We talk about…

  • The gut feeling that led Jordan to starting her own business

  • Tripling her monthly income during her first month

  • How she stayed focused when she experienced an entire month with no new clients

  • Why burn out led her to taking a success sabbatical (and what a success sabbatical is)

  • Handling unexpected glitches during an online summit she was leading

  • What she learned when her membership launch flopped




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Operations Consultant, Founder of The Kolada Group, and Host of the Systems Saved Me Podcast, Jordan Gill takes pride in saving hours (even days) around time-sucking technology decisions and an untrained team.

She has been on the stages of She's Building Her Empire, Creative CEO Conference, Success Without Sacrifice, Blog Like a Boss Brunch, and Vision Casting while also being featured in Belong Magazine!

Jordan is known for her buzzworthy client onboarding experience for service-based business owners that only takes 5 minutes!

She also teaches her P.R.E. process for onboarding team members to set your team up for success in 30 minutes. No more bad hires!

Jordan lives in Dallas and loves to indulge in some true southern bbq.