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TRFE 176: Bare Naked Bravery with Emily Ann Peterson

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”You can’t be brave unless there’s something at risk. You can’t be vulnerable unless you have once had boundaries and now are removing them.”


with Emily Ann Peterson


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This conversation changed my entire outlook on bravery. Emily Ann Peterson wrote the book “Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous” after she was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor, which changed her career as a cellist/cello teacher forever. And in our conversation today, we dive into all of it. Her journey, the hard parts, and what bravery REALLY is.

We talk about…

  • what her journey to figuring out what bravery really is looked like

  • living with uncertainty in your life regarding your physical abilities

  • the feeling when you know your life is forever changed

  • what bravery really feels like (and it’s not brave)

  • what fear + vulnerability have to do with bravery




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In 2013, Emily Ann Peterson was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor, which forever altered her two-decade livelihood as a cellist/cello teacher. Refusing to lose her life's love of expression, she knew she’d have to be brave. In an act of neurological defiance, she expanded into wider mediums and broke through her creative glass ceiling, opening the door to limitless possibilities through songwriting. 

Her book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous helps people from all walks of life understand what bravery really is - allowing them to step into it by creatively using vulnerability, imagination and improvisation. Her podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, features conversations with everyday heroes and creative entrepreneurs about the quiet successes and loud failures required to do the brave things for which we know and love them. Alongside the podcast, Emily also facilitates a Facebook group that offers a welcoming, safe community for creative misfits to finally find belonging and acceptance.

Emily writes for people who struggle to remember what hope feels like and sings to those who yearn for something secret. She speaks to those who are done being bored and crave all things beautiful, strong, sacred, and sensual. Her goal is to inspire a global resonance and magnanimous community through the marriage of art and whole-person development.