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TRFE 173: Being an Artist of Your Life (and Business) with Aileen Xu

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”Your intuition is your compass for this life that you want to create.”


with Aileen Xu


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What if I told you that you have full creative control over your days? It can so often feel like we don’t. It feels like everyone else and a long to do list of demands is what’s controlling our every move. The good news? That’s not true.

Aileen Xu, lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, and podcast host is sharing about her journey from totally-lost-after-college to building a successful business and how she’s become the artist of her own life. This is your reminder: you get to create your own days. Don’t ever let someone else take that power away from you.

Aileen and I talk about…

  • Building a business on YouTube

  • The creative control we have over how we spend our days.

  • Sticking with it even when growth is slow

  • The pressure she feels as her audience grows

  • What it means to be an artist of life

  • Shedding the shoulds and figuring out what you really want out of your life

  • How to set goals that are achievable without feeling overwhelming




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Aileen Xu is a lifestyle blogger, Youtuber, podcast host, and creator of the Artist of Life Workbook. Through her blog Lavendaire and podcast The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen empowers people around the globe to embrace their true potential and create their dream life.