The Real Female Entrepreneur

TRFE 171: Lauren Shares What 2017 Was Really Like ... The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Tears

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”Because that is what real courage is. Being scared as hell, fumbling, failing, and getting up and still trying again.”


with Lauren Frontiera



I’d love to just tell you how the podcast has been downloaded over 55 thousand times this years. And that I’ve had over 90 incredible convos with amazing female entrepreneurs. And put out over 100 new episodes this year. But all of that is just bullshit without the real stories behind it.

So, in celebration of the end of this wild roller-coaster of a year, today I’m sharing with you several of the real stories behind the amazing things that have happened this year.

I share about…

  • Going from producing one podcast episode a week to three a week

  • Rebranding from The Grit and Glitter Podcast to The Real Female Entrepreneur

  • Struggling with money insecurities after losing my job and main source of income

  • Getting my first rejection from a podcast sponsor and then getting my first sponsor less than a week later




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