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TRFE 170: Battling an Eating Disorder, The Power of Words, and Making Rest a Priority with Ashlyn Carter

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”I couldn’t control everything. So, I started looking for the one thing that I could … and, terrible idea, but it ended up being what I put into my body and what I could exert through exercise. I got into this numbers game, and before I knew it, I had full-on developed an eating disorder and all of the psychological things that come with that - social anxiety, tremendous panic attacks, deeper depression.”


with Ashlyn Carter


TRFE 170: Battling an Eating Disorder, The Power of Words, and Making Rest a Priority with Ashlyn Carter | Podcast Episode | Overcoming an Eating Disorder | Entrepreneurship | Being A Female Entrepreneur | Personal and Business Growth | The Real Female Entrepreneur | Inspirational Women | Empowered Women Empower Women | #personalgrowth | #personaldevelopment | #entrepreneurship


You know that turning point in your life when everything changed? We’ve all got them. And no matter what rules you try to write for your life (“that could never happen to me”), sometimes you find yourself at another crossroads … one you never saw yourself at.

In 2015, Ashlyn Carter was diagnosed with and partially hospitalized for an eating disorder, generalized anxiety, and depression. Soon after recovery, she realized that something had to change, and she left behind her fast-paced career in big city PR to start her own business. Calligraphy turned into copywriting and before she knew it she was working with creative industry leaders like Jenna Kutcher, Hilary Rushford, and Heather Crabtree.

We talk about …

  • Dealing with anxiety and depression

  • Being addicted to work + putting work before yourself and other important relationships

  • Not having a language for mental illness

  • The fears of niching down in your business

  • How your physical and mental health directly affects your business’ bottom line

  • Making rest a priority and taking a sabbatical as an entrepreneur

  • And more...!




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Ashlyn writes bespoke, meaningful words for creative women as a copywriter & calligrapher. She left her job as a publicist to go full-time with her calligraphy biz for brides--and realized there were lots of creatives fumbling with their message and sales copy (you can take the girl out of the PR agency ... ).

Trading clients like Delta Air Lines and Chick-fil-A to write website copy and launch copy for creative industry dreamies like Jenna Kutcher, Shay Cochrane, Katelyn James, Heather Crabtree, Hilary Rushford and Mary Marantz is just the bee's knees. Her calligraphy has been featured in Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and The Knot. When not writing about herself in third person, she’s usually trying to scratch the ink off her fingernails or grabbing margs and tacos with her husband.


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