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G&G 017: Becoming a mom, Working From Home, and Dealing with Uncertainty with Kaye Namba

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Motherhood. You scare me. But you're so beautiful.

I'm not a mom. But some of these podcast episodes are my favorite. Getting a glimpse into the doubts and insecurities and struggles and ugly, unpretty parts of motherhood is enlightening. I love sitting down with these badass mom bosses. I'm always so inspired by everything they do - Here I am struggling to grow a business and raise a puppy. They're growing a business and raising a HUMAN!! It's no small feat. And Kaye opens up about a lot of the hard parts in this episode. 


What's in Today's Episode:

In this episode, Kaye shares her story of growing up as a chronic overachiever. She talks about starting her career and how that all changed once she became a mother. She then shares her struggles with postpartum depression, getting laid off, and transitioning into the new role of working-from-home entrepreneur and stay-at-home mom. We talk about the struggles of working from home, motherhood, and fears that hold us back. If you’re a mom, own a business, or just need to know you’re not alone in a lot of these new motherhood and boss lady struggles, this episode is for you!


Show Notes:

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