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TRFE 163: Money Struggles, Fears, and Desperation as a Biz Owner with Helene Kwong

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”When I charge less than what I’d like to be paid, I feel like I usually pull that card out in desperation. I’d rather have something coming in than nothing.”


with Helene Kwong


TRFE 163: Money Struggles, Fears, and Desperation as a Biz Owner with Helene Kwong | Podcast Episode | Entrepreneurship | Being A Female Entrepreneur | Personal and Business Growth | The Real Female Entrepreneur | Inspirational Women | Empowered Women Empower Women | Starting A Business | #personalgrowth | #personaldevelopment | #entrepreneurship


I want to have more convos about money and business. Starting today. Because getting comfortable asking for money, charging more to up-level your business, and finding that sweet spot where you can charge what you want to get paid and also work with your dream customers is a freaking roller-coaster ride.

So, I asked my friend Helene Kwong to come on and share about her own journey. We’re not sharing some 3-step formula for how to make six-figures or how to charge more. We’re just sharing honestly about our own journeys with money as entrepreneurs.

We’re talking about…

  • Figuring out what’s a fair price that you’re happy with and your customer is willing to pay

  • The problem with pricing yourself lower to try to make yourself more available and attractive for certain clients

  • Why you’re current pricing model should be based on where you want to be

  • Accepting less than what you want out of desperation

  • The fears we have with increasing our prices

  • How charging less than you’re worth leads to resentment

  • What the law of attraction has to do with money and business




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Helene Kwong is the CEO and Founder of Hashtagitude, a digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado. Hashtagitude provides custom, collaborative solutions to small businesses seeking to not only grow their sales but also their communities. Hashtagitude's mission is to get small businesses active online and genuinely connecting with customers with consistent, seamless content and community engagement. Marketing solutions include content writing, SEO, Google Adwords, social media strategy and execution, photography, and videography. Helene has been in marketing for eight years and has worked with companies coast-to-coast (from Los Angeles to New York City). She is also an active member of the Denver business community, serving as a Board Member of the Denver Retail Incubator (DRI Goods) and as an Ambassador for the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

In her free time, Helene can be found being crafty (she crochets, knits, sews, cross-stitches ... the list goes on), checking out the latest and greatest restaurants around Denver with her partner Ryan, or cuddling with her two cats, Kitty and Simba.


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