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TRFE 162: 2 Questions I Ask Myself When I'm in Full-Blown Fear Mode

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”Anything can trigger a doubt. And then all of a sudden, it’s full-on doubt spin. That doubt leads to another doubt which leads to another doubt which leads to another doubt. And before I know it, I can’t stop the thoughts. And they’ve led to full-blown panic alert mode.”


with Lauren Frontiera



You know the feeling. One doubt comes up after you get an unexpected email or zero comments on an Instagram post and suddenly that one doubt leads to a hundred doubts and before you know it, you’re in full blown panic mode. I feel ya sister. And I call this doubt-spin. It’s when you’re doubts start spinning you out of control. It happened to me just last week.

The bad news? If you’re running a business, doubts and fears are a natural part of it.

The good news? There’s two questions I ask myself when I’m in full-blown panic mode that defuses things right away. It’s like an instant woosah. Or the calm feeling after a glass of wine. And I’m sharing them both with you today!

P.S. These two questions work when nothing else (meditation, going for a run, taking a break, slamming your head into the wall) will.




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