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TRFE 155: When Your Business Friend Becomes Your Business Partner with Britt Hyatt + Kelsey Christine

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”You literally have no idea what impact you can make on somebody’s day because you don’t know what they’re going through. And at that point, that was one of the darkest points in my life.”


with Britt Hyatt + Kelsey Christine


TRFE 155: When Your Business Friend Becomes Your Business Partner with Britt Hyatt + Kelsey Christine | Podcast Episode | Entrepreneurship | Being A Female Entrepreneur | Personal and Business Growth | The Real Female Entrepreneur | Inspirational Women | Empowered Women Empower Women | #personalgrowth | #personaldevelopment | #entrepreneurship


You never know when you’re going to meet the lady that’s going to turn your crying-in-the-airport-bathroom-stall day around. And there’s definitely no warning signs that she’s going to become one of your best friends and soon after, your business partner.

Kelsey Christine and Britt Hyatt’s paths crossed on an otherwise ordinary post in a Facebook group … that changed everything. After building and growing their businesses alongside each other for nearly two years, they decided to combine them into one … before they’d ever even met in person!

I have never laughed and cried so much in one podcast episode! So, to say I’m really excited to share this one with you is most definitely an understatement. I’m freaking pumped.

We talk about:

  • The fated Facebook meet-cute

  • Their careers pre-launching their own businesses and why they each decided to take the leap

  • Deciding to go into business together before they’d ever met in person

  • When a business relationship became a friendship

  • Mom guilt

  • Launching their new brand together

  • And more…!




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Kelsey is the co-founder, brand designer, and brand strategist behind Launch Your Daydream, where she provides custom brand design for other female creativepreneurs. With a background in Marketing Consulting, she helps clients dig deeper than just creating a pretty logo. She’s a craft beer-loving crazy cat lady who collects vinyl records and tattoos. She started her business in California, but relocated to Virginia this summer with her husband. Kelsey holds the following ideals close to her heart: creative entrepreneurs should empower one another, positive vibes should be the only vibes, and working relationships should become friendships.

Britt is the co-founder, website designer and web strategist behind Launch Your Daydream, where she provides custom website design in Squarespace + Showit 5 for creative business owners. With 15+ years experience and degrees in Web Content Development + Communications, Britt has a passion for positivity, people, and launching gorgeous websites for creative + small biz owners. Once she met Kelsey, the two joined forces and launched their branding + website agency, Launch Your Daydream. Britt has lived in Cleveland, Ohio her entire life, living + loving life there with her husband + son.

Kelsey + Britt are biz BFFs that recently combined their branding + website design businesses to form a new design studio called, Launch Your Daydream. Kelsey, Britt, and their Dream Team provide custom designs + educational resources for female creative business owners who are looking for a source of encouragement, excitement, and confidence within their biz.


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