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G&G 015: The Paradox of Pretty & Tough and Staying True to Yourself in Business with Caroline Birgmann

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Embracing your truest self is the best answer of all.

We spend so much of life running from our truest self, trying to fit into this version that we think we "should" be. We build businesses crafted after what everyone else is doing without taking a second to think about what we really want. The truth is, being your truest self in life and in business may be hard at first, but Caroline shows how you shine once you make that shift. Caroline shares so much truth and inspiration in this episode and opens up about the hard parts.


What's in Today's Podcast:

In this episode, Caroline shares her story of leaving a very successful career to launch her business, Posh PR. She talks about her first wedding planning client and how she almost turned them down! We chat about her recent milestone of reaching 10k followers on Instagram and not letting that number define her or her business. Caroline opens up about the beautiful paradox of pretty and tough, the truth behind the highlight reel of Instagram, and her biggest struggle right now. If you’ve ever struggled with getting comfortable in your own skin, being uniquely you, or basing your worth in social media, this episode is for you. To be quite honest, this episode is for everyone!


Show Notes:

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