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TRFE 148: The Other Side of Entrepreneurship: Leaving Your Business with Kayla Dugger

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”The more embarrassing and uncomfortable and awkward moments that you have, the more you grow. You should constantly be embarrassed of your past self.”


with Kayla Dugger


TRFE 148: The Other Side of Entrepreneurship: Leaving Your Business with Kayla Dugger | Podcast Episode | Entrepreneurship | Being A Female Entrepreneur | Personal and Business Growth | The Real Female Entrepreneur | Inspirational Women | Empowered Women Empower Women | Starting A Business | #personalgrowth | #personaldevelopment | #entrepreneurship


There’s another side of entrepreneurship we don’t talk about a lot. The leaving. It happens. A lot. And just like starting a business, leaving one has it’s own closet full of anxieties and doubts and fears and, well, really hard shit. In this episode, Kayla Dugger, shares all about the hard shit, the middle of night ugly cake baking, the anxieties she tried too hard to mask, and that moment when she finally said ‘bye’.

If you’re just starting out, Kayla shares some soul-shaking truth that may change how you’re doing what you’re doing (seriously, go listen). If you’re knee-deep in the anxiety-filled swamp and are wishing someone could just come rescue you and whisk you away, Kayla shares what she wishes someone would have told her a year ago (it’s real and powerful and honest and I think you may need to hear it).

We talk about…

  • The hard parts of being a 23-year-old entrepreneur with two businesses and a business partner

  • The inner conflicts she faced as a young entrepreneur

  • Why she exited both businesses and sold her halves to her business partner

  • What the year after has looked like

  • Getting honest with herself about her anxieties and her ego

  • Coping with anxiety and taking responsibility

  • Why she’s not ready for entrepreneurship again just yet

  • What she wishes someone would have told her before she left



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Kayla Dugger is that moment when you’re trying to hurry up and put your change back into your purse while people are waiting in line behind you, come to life.

She is best known (by some) for co-creating Hygge Co-Working and you can follow her on @helpmeandie on Instagram for some quick business therapy or @duggerkayla if you'd like to follow someone who does not know how to use social media.


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