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TRFE 134: Building a Business Alongside Your Dream Corporate Job with Nagina Abdullah

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”Sometimes you have to get rejected because it’s going to help you learn. And if you don’t get rejected, you’re already rejecting yourself.”


with Nagina Abdullah



What happens when you find yourself in the job you always dreamed of doing, yet you feel the entrepreneurial tug?

In this episode, Nagina Abdullah, the founder of Masala Body, shares about how her weight-loss journey led to her coaching other women, and building a six-figure business in the process. She hasn’t left her dream job yet, though. And we’re talking about all of it ... Why she decided to start a biz in the first place, when she had a job she already loved. Why she hasn’t left her job. The fear of rejection when launching her first coaching program.

And because I just couldn’t leave this convo without asking - I ask Nagina, as a weight-loss coach,  to talk with me about the negative aspects of promoting weight-loss to women. It’s one hell of a convo and Nagina pulls back the curtains and gets real honest.



Nagina Abdullah is the founder of, a blog and weight-loss coaching program for busy female professionals and entrepreneurs. Nagina lost 40 pounds with two kids while working 12+ hour days and traveling around the country in her demanding management consulting career.

When friends started asking how they could lose weight like she did, Nagina launched as a way to help other ambitious women take control of their health and weight. After blogging and building an audience, she spent hundreds of hours creating and marketing her first coaching program - only to generate exactly zero sales and $0. Nagina spent months researching and testing why it failed, and this led to the creation of her flagship 8-week weight-loss coaching program, Spice Yourself Skinny.

Nagina has taken from $0 to $100k+ annually on the side of her day job by helping other busy women lose weight without feeling deprived. She has been featured in Business Insider,, and Fox News for her delicious recipes, weight-loss expertise, and online business success.