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TRFE 132: Why I'm Going Back to Work For Someone Else Again with Lauren Frontiera

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"Sometimes businesses take time to grow. We write these stories in our heads that it should just be this overnight success and it should happen overnight. As soon as we launch, we should be able to do this thing full-time. And all the money should be rolling in constantly. And it’s because we see these photoshopped versions of businesses."


with Lauren Frontiera



The “going all in” or taking-your-biz-full-time leap is so celebrated. We get so much encouragement and praise for taking that leap that it can feel like you’re taking a step back if you go back to work for someone else again.

But this isn’t the exception. It’s quite honestly the norm for so many of us in the throws of trying to build and grow a financially viable business.

So, in today’s episode, I’m peeling back those can-I-just-hide-behind-here? curtains and sharing with you why I’m going back to work for someone else again. And no, I’m not doing it because I’m giving up on this entrepreneurial journey … actually, it’s quite the opposite. I’m going to work for someone else again because I’m still 1000% in this entrepreneurial boat and I have zero plans of getting out of it.