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TRFE 124: How Comparison Almost Ended My Business with Alisha Robertson

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Episode Sneak Peek:

”That’s how it began. I began to obsess over someone else’s highlight reel.”


with Alisha Robertson


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What's In This Episode:

Alisha Robertson, a business coach for creative women, shares about that time she almost closed her biz and went out in search of a full-time job. Not because her business was failing. Not because money wasn’t coming in. The main driver? Comparison. Like the majority of female entrepreneurs, comparison really kicked up in Alisha’s life when she started her online business. And she fell into the mental trap of believing that because one thing was working for someone else, that’s what she had to do in order to build a successful biz. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. Instead, it drove her further and further away from why she started in the first place. In our conversation, Alisha shares about how she ultimately pulled herself out of the comparison trap, continued on with her business, and learned how to spot comparison early on and use it for inspiration rather than envy.


Who's Alisha Nicole?

Alisha Robertson is a business coach dedicated to helping creative women live their life & create their business on purpose. She’s a self-published author, currently working on her second book, “Living Over Existing” and the creator behind several physical products created to help online business owners organize and build their brands. Through her work, Alisha empowers women to uncover their voice, ditch fear, gain clarity & begin making money doing what they love. 

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