The Real Female Entrepreneur

TRFE 120: Behind-the-Scenes of the Rebranding

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Episode Sneak Peek:

”The website had to be built and everything was launching in two weeks and everything had to be put together and I was so behind on my to do list. I was so far behind.”

With Lauren Frontiera


What's In This Episode:

In this episode, Lauren shares about what it took to rebrand her entire business (from Grit and Glitter Co. to The Real Female Entrepreneur), what were hardest parts, and how she dealt with it all when life happened unexpectedly in the middle of rebranding. Bringing a brand or a business to life takes a ton of time, work, and energy. And in this episode, lauren pulls back the curtains and shares about what it really looked like behind-the-scenes - and the things that surprised her the most.

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