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G&G 116: Learning to Raise Your Hand and Say Yes with Tiffany Han

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”Well, let me explain why I have a full-time job, because I think that this is a reality that many women don’t know, and is important for some to hear. Belong isn’t my full-time gig because it doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills. And it may look different from the outside…”


with Tiffany Han



In this episode, I sat down with Tiffany Han, writer, speaker, teacher, host of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast, and downright badass human being.

I've been listening to Tiffany's podcast since before launching my own. And I absolutely adore her. There's so much to love about Tiffany, but what I love most is that she's constantly challenging herself to be her best self. And it's a constant journey, for anyone. But Tiffany really embodies that journey on a very public platform and it's really obvious throughout the entirety of her story, which you'll hear all about in this episode.

We talk about Tiffany's life and career pre-Tiffany Han coaching and Raise Your Hand Say Yes - closing her first business, which was never profitable, taking her coaching business full-time while also pregnant with twins, her public commitment to get 100 rejection letters, which led to so much more really good stuff, and #allthethings.

Ready to do the damn thing? This episode is your golden nugget of inspiration!



Hand raiser and yes sayer, Tiffany Han is a writer, speaker, and teacher who helps highly-creative women take bold, inspired action towards the businesses (and lives!) they've been dreaming of. She's the host of the Raise Your Hand Say Yes and How to be Remarkablepodcasts and considers herself the love child of Terry Gross and Don Draper. In addition to all that podcasting, she crafts programs and resources that help female entrepreneurs not only be more successful in their creative business but also as much fun as possible. In her spare time (ha!), she starts as many dance parties as she can with her husband and twin daughters. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her favorite place to hang out online is instagram: @thetiffanyhan