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G&G 103: Answering The Question, "Is There Any Room Left For Me?" with Caroline Zook

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"I don't need anybody else's love. And that's terrifying to say, but it is the most freeing thing ever."




What's In This Episode:

Mark this as one of those episodes you should listen to every month. Seriously. Like red wine and dark chocolate, it's good for the heart. And well, life in general.

In this episode, I sat down again with Caroline Zook, artist, designer, and writer at Made Vibrant, to ask her how she answered this question for herself when it came up recently in her own life and business. That question? "Is there any room left for me?"

I won't even try to condense her wisdom and response into a few sentences, but I will tell you that we end up talking about everything from redefining success, to alignment vs achievement, to insecurities and external validation. The good stuff.

Also - indulging in red wine and dark chocolate while you listen is highly suggested!


Who's Caroline Zook?

Caroline Kelso Zook is the artist, designer and writer behind Made Vibrant, an online space dedicated to helping soulful creatives live and work as their most vibrant selves (#yasss).


"If our pursuit and our metrics of success are defined on the achievement model, it is an endless hunger that never stops."


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