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G&G 100: Challenging The Advice Given to New Business Owners with Brittany Branson

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Episode Sneak Peek:

"If I said no to non-ideal stuff right off the bat, I would not have ever learned what I should say yes to."




What's In This Episode:

100 episodes!!! What! What!

Pretty pumped to pour the wine and celebrate tonight! But for now, one kickass conversation to celebrate the big 1-0-0!

In this episode, I sat down with Brittany Branson, a wedding and floral painter, to talk about some of the advice she received from more seasoned business owners when she was just starting out - Brittany challenges that advice and questions some other commonalities we're seeing in the creative/online biz space right now.

If you love a good conversation that challenges the status quo and makes you question the norm (hand raise!), this convo is for you!


Who's Brittany Branson?

After spending a few years working in arts legislation at the local and federal levels, Brittany couldn’t help but follow that small whisper to leave it behind and become an artist herself! As the painter and creative mind behind By Brittany Branson, Wedding & Floral Art, she loves telling stories and capturing memories through whimsical brush strokes and ethereal color schemes (like these gorgeous pieces). She’s particularly passionate about live “panoramic” painting at weddings and events, creating custom backdrops, venue paintings, and other heirloom keepsakes!

With a heart to encourage wedding professionals to utilize art as a unique foundation for styling and design, Brittany is also incredibly passionate about helping left and right brained humans alike work their creative muscles to diversify their God-given talents and serve others in more beautiful ways! She’s a sundress-loving Jersey Girl serving the Washington, DC area and beyond. When not at her easel, Brittany’s devouring Starbucks very berry hibiscus refreshers (no berries, no water), oogling over fresh flowers, loving on her airline pilot hubby Tim, and smothering their rescue pup, Bolt, with kisses.


"Nothing can replace good old fashioned courage."


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