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G&G 010: The Emptiness of Dream-Chasing with Lauren Rhew

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Dream chasing isn't all chocolate-eating and wine-drinking (because we all know that's pure perfection).

So, what happens when you make your dreams a reality and you're not happy? What happens when you accomplish the goal you've been working towards all year, yet you feel empty?

It's like a rat stuck in a wheel. You're not actually going anywhere. You're so busy chasing these empty, meaningless things that you're unaware of where your own happiness and fulfillment is coming from.

Now, don't get me wrong. When you're busy hustling, it doesn't seem empty. And it does seem like it's exactly what you want. But why then do you end up feeling so empty and unfulfilled even when you finally "make it"?

Dream chasing is a beautiful way to spend your life. Making your dreams a reality is admirable. Lots of people may know your name. You may make a whole lot of money. But all of that is meaningless if you're not inherently fulfilled by it.


What's in Today's Podcast:

I talk about dream-chasing and goal-setting. I talk about how we place these heavy expectations of our own happiness and fulfillment upon accomplishing these goals or making these dreams a reality. And inevitably, we end up feeling unfulfilled, discontent, and empty. I also share with you my own personal stories of empty dream-chasing and my go-to mentor for overcoming all of this.


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