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October: Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)

Lauren FrontieraComment

Ah! There's thirty-one days this month! Hallelujah! I'm pretty sure october wallpaper post has been scribbled in my weekly to do list (and marked off. and re-written. and marked off again. and re-written again.) for ah, about four weeks now. So, I thought it was about damn time that I get around to sharing these beauties with your sweet faces.

The lesson?

Give yourself grace. You're doing a ton of kickass shit and sometimes some of it gets procrastinated (definitely not the correct use of the term, but it'll do). Sometimes tomorrow's "must do" becomes next month's "maybe I'll do". And sometimes we get things done and sometimes we don't. But when you do move through that one thing and finally accomplish it, I hope you'll give yourself that moment, my love. I hope you'll give yourself that moment to sit and bask in the sunlight of "yes i can" .. because you did.

And for all of those other days, download one of these so you can look at your computer or phone for a quick and gentle reminder.




Kristin is the girlboss and creator behind Simple Perks, a paper goods company. She's also the creator of this month's inspirational wallpapers. Check out her website and give this sweet lady some love on Instagram!


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