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Learning to Trust Yourself as a Business Owner (3 questions to ask yourself)

Lauren Frontiera2 Comments

This whole learning-to-trust-myself thing has been a 28 year journey. And if I'm being honest, some days it still feels terrifying. Thats life, my love. It's one big experience of growing out of and back into your skin over and over again. For most of us, learning to trust yourself is like learning to walk all over again. 

And if I've learned one thing over the past five years it's that business is often one giant reflection of life. So, I've spent the past five years learning to let the outside noise fade away and trust myself in business. That brings me to this moment right here, sharing this with you.

I want you to know you're not alone.

I want you to know that's it's not just a terrifying journey - it's also wildly empowering.

And as you lean into trusting yourself more, you're gonna break through and soar.

Like a caterpillar breaking through it's cocoon as a butterfly. 

If you're here reading this because you came from the podcast, you're probably wondering why there's not a new L Chat this week.

The short answer? I'm learning to trust myself and that means trusting myself to allow the podcast to evolve and grow. The long answer? If you've listened to this episode, you'll know that I decided to lean into uncertainty as the podcast started to evolve at the beginning of season 6.

I realized soon after (ahem, a week after) making that decision, that that was only a first step towards where I was intentionally headed. And I quickly realized that a much deeper and bigger evolution was happening. Here's what happened: after making that announcement, I leaned further into trusting myself, and trusting that change, although scary, can be an incredible and beautiful thing.

So, what does that mean?

It means I'm pulling back and slowing down even more with the content I'm producing on the podcast. 

We often think that slowing down and producing less is a sign of weakness or failure.

Yet, every year, nature so beautifully shows us how untrue that is. When fall comes and nature starts to slow down and produce less, no one looks at the trees in disgust of how lazy they are. We cozy up and get excited for what's to come. And a few months later, when spring comes everything begins to bloom and we're surrounded by new growth everywhere, we fall in love with the seasons once again.

I'm entering my season of fall.

I've been producing three episodes a week on the podcast for a year and a half (that's nearly 200 episodes). So, now is the time to slow down. Both so that I can pour into my cup more and then pour out into yours in new and exciting ways in the near future. 

If you're on this same journey of learning to trust yourself as your business grows and evolves, cheers to you, my love. Just like with any relationship, trust doesn't happen overnight. Give yourself permission to lean into this journey, and set healthy, loving boundaries that will empower you.

As you're getting comfortable trusting yourself, here are a few questions that have served me beautifully. They're easy ways to turn your focus inwards when you're making decisions, both big and small, and to learn to listen to that voice that is truly yours.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You're Learning to Trust Yourself (in business and life)

1. What decision gives me the most peace and joy?

It's really the most simple of questions to tap into your intuition - that inner wisdom that always knows. This inner wisdom is the same one that tells you to get out of a place/situation that just doesn't "feel right". Your intuition will always lead you towards the path of least resistance. The way you'll know this is whether or not it gives you more peace and joy than the alternative. You can't begin to trust this voice until you begin learning to listen to it. This question will lead you.

2. By making this choice, am I trying to please others or please myself?

Trusting yourself is about you. Not anyone else. Chances are, not trusting yourself for years has gone hand-in-hand with trying to please others. When you're focused on what everyone else wants for you, it's impossible to know what you truly want for yourself. When you ask yourself this question, wait for that feeling in your gut or your heart. A choice that is trying to please others will feel like rock sitting on your gut/heart. It will feel heavy. A choice that is trying to please you will make you feel a little bit lighter when you imagine it. Follow the light.

3. What would I do if I believed I couldn't get it wrong?

Ah! How wildly different would your life and business be if you made every choice by asking yourself this question?! Trust the answer. Trust yourself. Your inner wisdom is like your internal compass. It will not lead you into the darkness without certainty that there's an even brighter light on the other side. 


As a dear sister shared with me recently, "What would you do if you trusted yourself?" Personally, love, I think you would change your life, your business, and the world.