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How to Build an Authentic + Engaging Email Opt-in

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I've built the TRFE platform from a place of authenticity and realness. It's one of my business pillars. If it doesn't feel authentic and true to myself, I don't do it. So, when it's come to email opt-ins, I've gone a very long time without one. There just wasn't anything that felt compelling enough or that embodied me staying true to myself and my dream for this space to take the time to create. 

So, I didn't. 

Until recently. 

And my love, I now have the great pleasure of introducing you to the one thing that felt compelling and aligned enough for me dive head first into building an email opt-in. I'm both wildly excited about what I've created and so wildly excited to share with you how you can create one, too.

Psstt ... it's also one of the easiest things I've ever created (seriously, if I can do it in one afternoon, you can too!).

Meet Interact. The platform that's about to change your life (or, email list).

Interact is a quiz builder that helps you easily generate leads with quizzes.

You've seen the fun online personality quizzes, am I right? Which Harry Potter character are you? (umm ... Hermione, duh.)

Interact helps you easily create a quiz that's unique to you, your brand, and your audience that will drive traffic to your email list. If you can post to Instagram, you can do this. It's really that easy.

I'll be honest. I was a little intimidated in the beginning.

I'm no psychologist!! How do I know what questions to ask or how to create a quiz that flows?!

Magically, though, and with a little afternoon kombucha, I figured it all out!

So, I want to share with you how you can easily brainstorm and decide on the content for your own quiz. This is the foundational piece of your quiz. And if, like me, your desire is to create something authentic and true to you for your audience, this is where you're going to spend the bulk of your time. Once you've created the foundation for your quiz, Interact makes plugging the info in as easy as binge-watching New Girl on netflix!



  • Headliner Question:  what do you want your audience to learn about themselves?
  • Results: what are the possible outcomes that your audience will get at the end of taking your quiz?
  • Determining Questions: what detailed questions do you need to ask to determine the answer to your headliner?
  • Answer Choices: you'll need one answer choice for every determining question that coincides with each result (i'll explain more in a minute)



Learning the answer to this question is why your audience will take your quiz in the first place. So, it needs to be intriguing. You want this question to catch their attention. This question should also be the answer to a pain point in their current life (i.e., creating blog content is so difficult). Their result should provide them with a sense of release or understanding for this pain point (i.e., you're a storyteller! use your blog to share your stories and experiences with your audience).

A few things to keep in mind:

  • this question should be relevant to your brand
  • the answer to this question should relate to a product or service that you offer (you want to be able to provide additional value after they take the quiz, am I right?)
  • this question should be attention-grabbing (ya gotta make 'em wanna take it!)

My Quiz Headliner Question: What's your decision-making superpower?



Determine 4 distinct personalities within your audience that will be the results of your quiz. The results should be one of the first things you figure out after deciding on your headliner question. Why? Because they will influence your questions and answer choices. The results should answer your headliner question. That means this question has multiple answer options. For example, if you asked the question What's the color of your brand personality? there would be multiple result options (blue, yellow, red, purple).

A few things to keep in mind:

  • create 3-4 result options (bonus points for getting creative with the names ... you can see mine below!)
  • make sure these results will resonate with distinct personalities within your audience
  • write a detailed description (2-4 sentences) for each

My Results: Intuitive Unicorn, Lover of Logic, Collaborative Queen



Now we're getting into the nitty gritty. These questions are what your audience will answer during the quiz. How they answer these questions will determine their result (don't worry about the answers to the questions for now). I want to encourage you to spend time brainstorming various questions. Set a timer for ten minutes and write down every question that comes to mind (remember: a great brainstorming session doesn't judge good/bad answers!). Then, go back through, get rid of the questions you don't love and land on 7 final questions.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • If you were trying to guess the quiz result of a new friend, what questions would you ask her to help you more accurately guess her personality type? These are the types of questions you should be brainstorming!
  • Land on a final 7 questions.
  • Your questions can be worded as an open-ended sentence ("My favorite color is...").

My Questions: My ideal workspace is ... // My favorite music to work to is... // I feel best when... // When I know I’ve made the right decision, it’s because…



At this point, you should have 7 determining questions. The final step is creating your answer choices for each question. As Interact suggests, our minds tend to think in groups of 3, so having either 3 or 6 answer choices helps the quiz taker move smoothly through your quiz. You should have at least one answer choice that correlates with each result. For example, my quiz had 3 result options. Therefore, every determining question had 3 answer choices, and each answer choice correlated with one result.

For example, I asked the question When I know I’ve made the right decision, it’s because…

My 3 answer choices correlated with the corresponding quiz result:

  • it feels good in my heart (quiz result: intuitive unicorn)
  • the pros outweighed the cons (quiz result: lover of logic)
  • i feel supported by those around me (quiz result: collaborative queen)



At this point, you have all of the building blocks for a successful email opt-in quiz! All you need to do now is insert all of this information into the Interact quiz-builder. Then, you can easily connect it with your email platform and share it out through your website. 

You can sign up for Interact right here to get started. 



As you're creating and promoting your quiz, here's a few additional tools to check out.

Create your own quiz! 

Click the badge on the right, sister, to check out Interact and get started creating your own ahhmazing email opt-in quiz!


Wanna test it out and see how incredible the Interact quiz-builder platform really is? You can take my quiz for a test run and learn something about yourself, too.