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August: Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)

Lauren FrontieraComment

If I've learned anything, it's that inspiration doesn't just show up on your doorstep. You have to surround yourself with it. You have to hang it on your walls, sprinkle it throughout your home and obnoxiously tape, glue, paste, or staple it to any space you can find.

I have inspirational quotes hanging on my walls. Photos that inspire me all around the house. I'm inspired by color, so my living room looks like a rainbow took a big dump. It's amazing. And since I spend the majority of my time with my eyes glued on my computer or my phone, I always have a cute, inspirational background set for both of them. I used to peruse Pinterest trying to find the perfect phone/computer wallpapers. Now, I get to work with badass girl bosses to create them!

Needless to say, I whole-heartedly believe in surrounding yourself with inspiration.

And lucky for you, it's a new month which means new pretties for your computer and phone!

This month, I worked with Jessica of Sugar & Grace Creative to create these beauties from episode 11 and episode 13 of the podcast! Her work is breath-taking! THIS one is my all-time fave that she shared on Insta!

Check out the pretties she created below and download your fave for your phone + computer. You deserve a little inspiration!


Grit and Glitter Co. | August Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)
Grit and Glitter Co. | August Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)
Grit and Glitter Co. | Sugar & Grace Creative | August Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)

Jessica is the girlboss behind Sugar & Grace Creative! She is a custom wedding stationery designer based in NJ! Check out her website and give this sweet lady a little love on Instagram!