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April: Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)

Lauren FrontieraComment

I have been obsessed with inspirational quotes since middle school. When I'm having a hard, crappy day, I'll get lost in a good quote to help lift me back up again. So, I dreamed of taking amazing quotes from the podcast and creating beautiful, inspirational backgrounds/wallpapers for your computer and phone ... little reminders every day when you turn your computer on or unlock your phone.

Each month I will be partnering with an amazing new calligrapher, creative, or designer to create two designs with new quotes from the previous month's podcasts. You'll get to meet an amazing badass creative and you'll also get new pretties for your techies. It's a win win, if you ask me!

This month, I partnered with Meredith, of Creativity Calling Calligraphy. She's a new calligrapher with a beautiful, refreshing design. We had a skype date earlier this month and Meredith is the gem I knew she was, both inside the little squares of Instagram and in real life! She's also challenged herself this year to do a new calligraphy piece every single day. She posts them all on her Insta. You should totally check them out. My fave is from Day 159!

Download some pretty for your computer or phone below and hop over to Instagram to tell Meredith hello ... and that she's a rockstar and these wallpapers she created are amazeballs!! :)

desktop phone background grit and glitter podcast
desktop phone background grit and glitter podcast
meredith creativty calling calligraphy


Meredith, of Creativty Calling Calligraphy is the amazing calligrapher and designer behind these wallpapers. Be sure to give her some love on Instagram.