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The 5 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes

Lauren Frontiera1 Comment

I've been wanting to share these for awhile. And what better timing than in celebration of the 100th freaking episode of the podcast!!! 

Ohh, if only I could travel back in time 15 months and 6 days ago to the day the podcast aired and fill myself in on all that would happen during the next 100 episodes and the badass ladies I'd get to chat with (past Lauren: it's pretty epic and they're really effing badass).

I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat, dying to know. Yeah right. You've already scrolled down to see. 

But anywho, let the countdown begin.

My loves, I give you the top 5 most downloaded podcast episodes - starting with numero cinco!


#5 | Episode 1: Introducing the Grit and Glitter Podcast

Here's where it all began folks. This is a short one. But I share my heart behind creating the podcast and why I embarked on this wild adventure. 


#4 | Episode 56: When a Stroke Changes Your Life with Danae Edmonds

Of all the podcast guests, I think I've known Danae the longest. We connected back in the old days when I was still doing NBN (that stands for Nothin' but Nola, my first biz - a granola company). In this episode, she shares her story. She's remarkable.


#3 | Episode 2: Things Don't Always Go As Planned & Sometimes We Outgrow Our Labels with Heather Spooner

Oh, sweet heavens, of all women that are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Heather was one of the first people I shared my idea for the podcast with. She came on the podcast again for another amazing convo, but in episode 2, she shared her story. And it's good. She's amazing. You really should listen.


#2 | Episode 68: Finding Passion & Purpose Amidst Pain & Suffering with Ruthie Lindsey

This was one of those amazing moments for me. When I reached out to Ruthie to ask her to come on the podcast, I was nervous. She has a huge following. But I was so enthralled by her, her story, and her radiant joy despite it all that I couldn't not at least try. Ruthie is the human embodiment of sunshine. And this conversation is sooo good.


#1 | Episode 41: Unapologetically Becoming Your Most Authentic Self with Jolie Ankrom

The. Most. Downloaded. Episode. Say what?! If you know Jolie, you know why this is the most downloaded podcast episode. She's as real as they get, folks. No. Sugar. Coating. It's the most refreshing breath of fresh air. Take it or leave it. And if you don't know Jolie, well, the episode is waiting, my love!