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September: Free Wallpapers (Desktop + Phone)

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You know I love a good story. Especially an inspiring one about a dreamer chasing her big, scary dream and making it a reality! I feel so lucky and honored to have worked with an amazing girl boss on this month's wallpapers who recently took the leap and made her big, scary dream a reality.

The best part? Listening to episode 8 of the podcast inspired her to chase this dream.

So, I asked Kelli to share her story, in hopes that it may inspire some of you to chase your dream, too.

Congrats on your new biz and chasing your big, beautiful dream, Kelli! Tell us all about it and how it came to be!

Growing up I was always the "girl with the good handwriting." And after having multiple friends ask me to make them signs for their weddings I thought this was something that I might really enjoy! I had heard Maghon's story and how it all started with a set of cards and thought "Oh, that must be how you start! With cards!" So I went and bought some cards and that was going to be my thing. But a couple weeks in, I wasn't really loving it. And then it hit me "Why am I doing cards? Is it just because that's what worked for someone else?" So since then, I've mostly been doing wooden signs, because that's what I love to do! Fun fact: Sometimes I get so attached to the signs that I make that I think about keeping them to hang in my own home. Then I realize it might be ridiculous to have all of these wooden signs hanging up all over my house, so I take a picture to remember them instead!

How did the podcast inspire you to chase this dream?

I listened to the episode with Maghon from All She Wrote Notes and was totally inspired to go home and start my Etsy shop. I had been toying with the idea for a long time, but was just always so unsure in my abilities. I always thought "there's someone better out there, why would anyone buy from me?" But after listening to this podcast, I just decided to go for it! I'm sure everyone probably deals with that at some point, so I figured I wasn't alone!

If you could give one piece of advice to other dreamers out there who are thinking about launching their business, but are doubting themselves, what would it be?

Don't worry about what other people are doing! Instagram was a place for me to really put that into practice! I had to stop looking at other calligrapher's/hand-letterer's work because it was making me feel worse about my own, and that's not okay! Just as Caroline put it "If you stay true to yourself, you have no competition."


Now, download some pretties for your phone + computer and go chase your big, scary dreams!





Kelli is the girlboss and hand-letter behind KG Letters! Check out her Etsy shop and give this sweet lady a little love on Instagram!