The Real Female Entrepreneur

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The Real Female Entrepreneur podcast is a modern-day support group for new female entrepreneurs who are 0-3 years into their entrepreneurial careers. With 3 new episodes weekly, host, Lauren Frontiera, has built a raving and loyal audience who come back week after week to feel empowered and inspired.


it's the perfect place 

to build a lasting relationship + connect with female business owners


  • 74% between the ages 25-34
  • 86% located in the U.S.
  • 72% have a total household income of $60,000+
  • 54% listen to the podcast at least once a week
  • 81% are business owners
  • 63% work for someone other than their self full- or part-time
  • 37% have at least one child

The TRFE listener is new to the world of entrepreneurship. Having started her business recently, she's not only looking for support + inspiration but for products + services that will meet her where she's at and help her grow + build the successful business she dreams of. She's a product shop owner, photographer, blogger, life/business coach, artist, side hustler, wedding creative, web designer, etc.



"Advertising on TRFE has helped us reach an amazing community of entrepreneurs. Lauren makes each episode as engaging as the last. We look forward to continued support of the TRFE podcast!"



Ready to build a lasting relationship (and make a lasting impression) with your brand? This ad spot is the ultimate way to get your product/service in front of the TRFE audience and build incredible know, like, and trust right away by featuring your founder or your biggest fan (or letting Lauren rave about you for an entire minute and a half)!


  • Pre-roll 90 second ad on (3) consecutive episodes

  • (1) mention on TRFE social media channels

  • (1) mention in weekly newsletter

  • Logo + ad details included in the show notes of these 3 episodes

This 90 second ad can include a 45 second guest appearance. This guest can be either your founder sharing the story behind your product/service or a brand ambassador raving about why she loves your brand so much (people love products people already use + love!)!! Or work with Lauren and let her share with her listeners why she loves your brand so much!


  • ONE WEEK (3 episodes): $450 | $150 per episode
  • TWO WEEKS (6 episodes): $800 | $133 per episode
  • ONE MONTH (12 episodes): $1,500 | $125 per episode


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