G&G 068: Finding Passion & Purpose Amidst Pain & Suffering with Ruthie Lindsey


Episode Sneak Peek:

"The depth that we know pain is the depth that we can know joy."




What's In This Episode:

"The depth that we know pain is the depth that we can know joy." If ever there were a shining example of this truth, it is Ruthie Lindsey.

Ruthie is the human embodiment of the greatest joy amidst the greatest pain. After spending nearly a decade in bed with chronic pain, Ruthie found herself single for the first time in almost a decade, scared out of her mind. Without the luxury of fear, and surround by a community of people who believed in her before she believed in herself, Ruthie turned her passion into career.

Today, she speaks to groups across the country, styles events for big-name brands like Free People, Williams Sonoma, and West Elm, and (exciting) is now writing a book. In this episode, we dive into Ruthie's career journey - the good, the bad, the fears, and the hard parts of growing a business while living with debilitating chronic pain.

Ruthie quite literally is the human embodiment of sunshine. Everyone - every stinkin' one - needs to listen.


"When you're able to look back on all of the painful, broken things and understand that this can be used in a way to bring hope to others and your pain can become purposeful ... it blew me away and it felt healing to me."


"I didn't have the luxury of fear anymore, because I had no money."


"We're sometimes so blinded by our own stuff and our insecurity and things that we feel like we have shame over and so, there's something really beautiful about speaking truth and life into other people and telling them what we see."