G&G 101: Redefining it All with Chelsea Laine Francis


Episode Sneak Peek:

"You get to decide for yourself what feels right and what is good, and you can let all the other stuff go. And just having that permission, really changed my life."




What's In This Episode: 

There's nothing like stalking someone on Instagram for months and feeling like you really know them and then sitting down with them for a podcast soul chat and realizing they're really far more amazing than you ever could have guessed through IG's tiny, square lens.


In this episode, I sat down with Chelsea Laine Francis, a photographer based in Austin, TX, to learn about her story - from fitting women in bras at Lane Bryant to buying her first camera to moving across the country and rather than working at Target, just happening to launch a professional photography career.

Ok. So, there's a lot more to the story than that. But I'll let Chelsea do the story-telling.

If the wild coincidences of the universe somehow led you right here, though, and you know the fear of taking leaps and then redefining everything, this convo is your heartbeat. I'm glad you're here.


Who's Chelsea Laine Francis?

Chelsea Laine Francis is a stop-to-take-a-photo kind of gal as much as she's a stop-you-to-tell-you-how-pretty-you-are kind of gal. She appreciates the little things, laughs and cries with her whole heart, and loves nothing more than long conversations over pancakes and breakfast meats. As a photographer, she loves to capture life, editorial work, and love because she believes that everything is worth celebrating. You can find Chelsea in Austin, TX or traveling for work, on Instagram at @ohhhchelsea and you can email her at hello@chelsealainefrancis.com


"I thought I was going to move here and get a job at Target. I thought I was going to move here and do whatever I needed to succeed. And if that meant working at Target, that's what it meant. I had no clue that I was going to move here and start a professional photography career."


"You can be overjoyed with your work and know it's not perfect."


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"Small Victories" cookbook by Julie Turshen (psst.. this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase the book or other things using this link, I may get some cash money! thank ya, babe!)

That Lasagna Recipe Chelsea mentioned with creme fraiche (I found the recipe! you're welcome!)



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