What. The. Heck.

What. The. Heck.

I know. I know. I totally flubbed on blogging for February. But in my book, the only failure is choosing not to try again. So, here I am ... picking back up where I left off. Trying again.

There is so so so very much that you've missed. Holy cow, how much happened in February. I'll fill you in more in the coming posts, but for now, here's a quick recap...

  • I launched the podcast! Wahooooo!!! You can listen HERE!
  • We moved from Denver, CO to Charlotte, NC. Woah. I know.
  • I spent a week in NC (before we moved) accomplishing all sorts of wedding festivity fun.
  • Life has been crazy.
  • Like crazy, crazy.
  • The kind of crazy when you decided you're going to move across the country and you do it in two weeks, all while traveling, planning a wedding, launching a podcast, finding a new house, and just trying to keep this adulting thing going.
  • We packed up ALL of our belongings. ALL of them. And then unpacked them.
  • Pshew.
  • Tired.

So, while I am so sad that I wasn't able to capture all of my feelings and emotions and #allthefeels from the craziness that was February 2016, I'm definitely content that I gave myself the grace that I needed during a really busy time.

What happened in your life in February?