These moments

I don't ever want to forget these moments. These days. The ones that fill my heart up. When it snows all day and all night and I wake up to the most beautiful winter wonderland. The mornings when I take Boken for a walk and he has to jump over snow drifts because they're taller than he is. The afternoon walks when he digs his nose into the snow and runs around like a kid on Christmas. The snowy treks from our tiny apartment to the Starbucks that's right inside of the Target ... because I'm excited about the latte but I really just want the little adventure.

I never want to forget the snowy view of the farm from my desk in our guest bedroom/office. And spending much of my day gazing out that big window.

I want to remember the excitement I felt when walking through snow that came up over my snow boots. I want to remember how happy I was. How simply and beautifully happy I was. I want to remember the look of snow falling at night and how it looked like glitter raining down on the earth. I want to remember how quiet it was when the earth was covered in snow. I want to remember how lucky I felt to experience every bit of this ... every single bit. Each moment. Each feeling. Every little thing about it.

I want to remember the coziness of ordering Olive Garden to go (because we didn't want to cook) and watching movies, because there's no reason we can't act like it's Friday on a Tuesday.

I never want to forget these days when happiness was plentiful, love was big, and I couldn't ask for anything else.