I forgot to blog yesterday...

I forgot to blog yesterday. I fell asleep, cuddling Josh on the couch and enjoyed the longest night of sleep ever, and when I woke up this morning, I realized that I did not blog yesterdayy. Whoops. My initial thoughts were "Dang it! Now, they're going to know you didn't accomplish your goal. Does that mean you failed? Do you have to blog twice today to make up for it? Then it will be kind of like it never happened. Yes, you must blog twice today. You have to. You have to make it up."

I quickly let those thoughts fly away, though, and spent the morning listening to music, enjoying a cup of hot tea, and sitting on the couch doing my morning meditation (I recently started using the Headspace app, and I love it!). After relaxing a bit and getting over the fact that I only made it one week before missing a day of blogging, I gave myself some grace. I reminded myself that this goal of blogging every day for a year was for me. I chose to challenge myself because I wanted to write more. I wanted to share my thoughts and stories with the world. I wanted to document this year of my life. Skipping a day here or there doesn't take away from all of that.

So, I won't be posting two blogs today in a silly attempt to make up for missing yesterday's blog. I'll be blogging once today, like normal. Sharing this seemingly inconsequential moment of my life with you all. Documenting this so that next year, I'll remember to give myself grace when I forget something else. Telling you this story in hopes that it will inspire you to give yourself grace when you forget, and to cherish those long nights of sleep and sweet, slow mornings.

Happiness in life isn't found in holding ourselves so accountable for everything we commit ourselves to that we lose ourselves and miss the small, beautiful moments as they pass us by. Happiness is found in extending grace and understanding to ourselves and those around us. It's choosing love and whole-hearted intention over judgement and accomplishing goals. Happiness is choosing the light you feel within your heart rather than the doubts you hear within your mind.

So, today I'm choosing to love myself in spite of the doubts I hear within my mind. I'm choosing to blog for the whole-hearted reasons I started, not for the sake of accomplishing a silly goal. And I'm choosing to revel in this beautiful day, as it is ... perfectly imperfect.