My 2015 in Photo: Part 2

I'm recapping 2015 in photo, reliving the crazy, beautiful moments. This is part 2. If you'd like to catch up on the part 1, you can scroll down or click here.


April was a busy and full (so much happiness and love) month! We kicked off April in one of my favorite places in the whole wide world - Moab, Utah. This is just one sneak peek at the beauty that is this amazing place. We visited here for the first time in July of 2014 and I promised that I would never ever go back. During the peak of the summer months, Moab is HOT! It's not the best idea to camp for 3 days in a row in this kind of heat. :) I'm so glad I agreed to give it another shot, though. I'm forever now in love.

The next week, we celebrated Josh's 26th birthday ... with breakfast in bed! His sweet mother started this delicious birthday tradition.

We then flew to Michigan for a very short (30 hours) trip for a wedding - two of Josh's college friends were getting married. I got to meet some of the faces from his college years and we had the best, albeit sleepless, weekend!

As if the month wasn't already amazing enough, we decided on Josh's birthday that we wanted to get a puppy. Before the end of the month, we got to meet the pup who would soon be joining the family. Friends - meet 3-week old #BokentheBerner. ((insert all of the heart eyes)) This is our first official family photo!


Prepare yourselves for puppy overload! I can't help myself! We brought #BokenTheBerner home the evening of Saturday, May 17th. Be still my heart. I could hardly contain my love (and excitement). Here's one of his very first photos in the field behind our apartment. He was wearing his first harness that would barely fit over his one paw now. :)

Cue the sleepless nights.

Second family photo the day we brought #BokentheBerner home! :):)

I think I get why he's such a lapdog now. We couldn't put him down!

Third family photo! We have this one framed on our dresser. Love it!


He grew so fast! Look at how much bigger he is less than a month later!!

The sleepless nights were getting the best of me and #BokentheBerner was really cozying into his crazy puppiness... pulling clothes across the house, biting, biting, and more biting... It got the best of me at moments. I do recall starting happy hour a little early one day (it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right?)!

Boken experienced his first snow in Keystone, CO!

More cuddles!

And all of the cuteness!

Later in June, two of our best friends came to visit. We went camping for the weekend in Chihuahua Gulch outside of Keystone, CO! It was #BokentheBerner's first camping experience.

We set up camp in the most beautiful area...

...with a rushing river outside of our back "door"!

I hope these breathtaking moments never leave my heart. I hope I remember them on my saddest days and remember their brightness on the darkest of afternoons. Be still my nature-loving hearts, Colorado is this beautiful.

Stay tuned for Part 3!!