Straight Up Exhausted.

I'm tired. Not just sleepy tired, but that emotional, physical, mental kind of tired that wipes you out. That oh-my-heavens-of-coffee-even-caffeine-straight-to-the-arteries-wouldn't-fix-me-right-now kind of tired. Straight up exhausted. Just pooped.

This kind of tired is a result of both a lack of self-care and far too much work. Probably more of the "far-too-much-work" than anything. I've been filling my days with work from "rise 'n shine" to bedtime. I love what I'm doing. But I am in no way, whatsoever, glorifying this kind of busy. This kind of busy isn't anything to be proud of. What should be glorified is self-care and you-time and giving yourself the time you need to just be. Now, that's something worth celebrating - loving yourself. Choosing you over more work. And choosing heart and health over hustle.

So, I'm giving myself a little grace. And I'm not uploading part 2 of "My 2015 in Photo". There will be another blog tomorrow. So tonight, I'm choosing me. I'm choosing to journal my feelings here on this blog. Then go cozy up in bed and fall the heck asleep. Because that's what my body wants and needs right now. Rest.

I hope that when your body tells you it needs something, you'll listen. I hope that busy isn't a trophy you put on your bookshelf, but rather an adjective that you use sparingly. I hope your days are long and slow and full of good. I hope that you choose you and love on you everyday. And I hope you find the self-love to give yourself some time and grace, whenever you may need it.