My 2015 in Photo: Part 1

I love reliving moments. Those moments that you've memorized and hold tight deep within your heart. And those moments that are so wonderfully captured in photo. It amazes me how much can change in one year. SO much has changed in one year! So, I'm going to recap 2015 in photo. It was a wild ride packed full of so much excitement, lots of changes, all the love, and so many blessings that my heart could explode!

The year was full of too much goodness to pack into one blog post. So, here's part 1 ... January through March!


This photo was taken on January 1, 2015. Almost exactly one year ago. My heart was full of so many dreams and so much hope for the New Year. I had officially moved Nothin' but Nola (my granola company) to Colorado, and I spent the morning, in bed, with a Starbucks, writing my dreams. Funny story, while writing these dreams and planning them out, I suddenly burst into tears. It took Josh (my new fiance; we had only been engaged for a week) by surprise! I was so overcome by the fear of the big, scary dreams that were filling my heart ... Funnier story, I would close the chapter on many of those dreams only 8 months later.

We moved the granola business out of the home-based business in NC and into this beautiful commercial kitchen in Denver, CO! Josh and I spent hours in January trying to re-perfect the recipe in the new ovens. I may have cried a few times our of utter frustration ...

So far, 2015 has been filled with lots of tears!



In February, the parents came to visit. So, naturally we went to get beer! In other news, Josh had some crazy long hair, and my hair was super short!

The granola biz was starting to take off in Colorado and we filled over 600 bags for the Happy Mommy Box this month. It. was. exhausting. But my heart was so full (and excited)!

Present Day: Happy Mommy Box no longer exists. Neither does Nothin' but Nola. We both closed our doors in 2015.

I told you so much can change in one year!

Happy almost 1st Birthday Grit and Glitter Co.!! I had no idea what I was doing, but I launched this baby nearly one year ago. I launched the website with the intention of providing a space to teach and help new and soon-to-be entrepreneurs learn the ropes. I ditched that idea several months later, and now, we're here!

All the changes!

And I partnered with these two fabulous ladies - Rachel and Maghon - to create these amazing Valentine's Day #LadyLoves boxes! We mailed out nearly 30! Best Valentine's Day gift ever.



Some of our favorite people came to visit in March (my younger brother Alex, and his sweet girlfriend, Olivia) and we all went snowshoeing through the Rocky Mountains. It was breathtaking. I hope I forever remember that feeling of pure stillness in the middle of the snowy wilderness and the fear and thrill I felt coursing through my veins!

And we saw giant moose tracks. Let it be noted that this was one of the smaller ones! This may be where the thrill (ahem, fear...) originated! :)

Then we flew east to North Carolina the next week in search of our wedding venue. It was a successful visit. Here's a sneak peek at the venue and the view! Bring it on May 2016! We cannot wait to say 'I do' with this beautiful view of Asheville, NC!


Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2. :) Can't wait to see what April, May, and June looked like!