Meet my favorite online human beings!

I believe that surrounding yourself with wonderful people is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by lots of amazing friends and family every day, in the offline world. But I also choose to surround myself with amazing online human beings who make my days happier and better through their podcasts, blogs, websites, etc. So, today, I'm sharing those awesome people with you!

Jess Lively

Jess is a beautiful, peaceful, heartwarming soul whose podcasts fill my heart and my life every single week. She shares her approach to living a life with Values-based intentions ... in short, a happier, more fulfilling life. On her weekly podcast, she hosts amazing human beings (think Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown, who will be on the podcast next month). Her words, her truth, and her story are utterly inspiring. If you're looking for a dose of happy and life-changing inspiration every week, her podcast is a must. It's changed my life in so many ways. And if you're tired of the un-fulfilling chase of the ever present "goals", Jess' Values Based Intentions method is a must! It, too, has changed my life!

Find more of Jess HERE!


Pat Flynn

I cannot say enough good words about this amazing man. If I ever have the chance to meet him in person one day, a big hug is in order. Pat is one of the kindest, most sincere souls. He has changed my life when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, and pursuing my dreams. I first found Pat through his podcast, Smart Passive Income. On the podcast, he shares stories of people from all different backgrounds who've followed their dreams, pursued their passions, and created a successful business and a more than impressive income. If you're interested at all in making money online, Pat is your man.

You can find more of Pat HERE!


Natalie Freeman

Natalie's sweet, bright soul and Instagram feed light up my heart on the daily! The fact that she lives on a farm definitely helps (I've always wanted to live on a farm! So, I live vicariously through her.). Her crafty, colorful, food-filled, coffee-loving, farm-livin' photos and blog posts make my heart so darn happy. If I'm ever feeling sad during the day, this girl is my go to. I totally hope I get to hug her in person one day, too ... and ask her to share a little craftiness with my uncrafty-self!

You can find more of Natalie HERE!


I hope Jess, Pat, and/or Natalie bring as much joy and wisdom into your life as they have mine. I cannot recommend more amazing people to surround yourself with. They each have a little something different to offer, too, so hopefully at least one of them will resonate with you and your heart! And if not, find your people. Build your tribe. Surround yourself with people that encourage you, inspire you, and make you a better person.

Please share your favorite online people with me in the comments below! I would love that! :)