Silly expectations and impossibly long to do lists.

The weekends are my favorite. They're three nights and two days of every week when I feel free to give myself the grace and time that I need. Guilting myself for not doing more is something I'm really good at. I should have worked harder. I shouldn't have left any to do's left undone. I should have cleaned the kitchen yesterday rather than going to bed early. I should have worked smarter and not taken those breaks. After all, success is working non-stop, doing more than you can possibly do, fighting burnout, sleeping little, and working harder.

But it's not. We all have the ability to define success for ourselves, our families, our careers, and our lives. And we have a choice everyday to give ourselves the grace and time that we need. I know how hard it is, though. It's hard with the heavy weight of doubts and insecurities and "should haves" weighing over you. It's hard with the pressures we put on ourselves and the unrealistic expectations we hold ourselves to.

I've realized that my expectations some days are absolutely silly. My to do lists are impossibly long. And the pressures I place upon myself are absurd to ever expect myself to carry.

Anyone else?

So, rather than reserving breaks, down time, and grace for only two days and three nights out of every week, I'm going to practice doing that each and every day. I'm going to lower my expectations and increase my self love. I'm going to take the breaks I need and not guilt myself for doing it. And I'm going to love each day just a little bit more.

I hope you'll do the same.