The magic never leaves forever. It's always there inside of you.

It's so easy to lose the magic. We grow up. We grow old. We grow into adults. And somewhere along the way, the magic fades. We forget that we can be anything we want to be. We stop shooting for the stars and instead settle for the tree that's right in front of us. It's easier to reach. Look at how quickly we can get to the top of it, if we climb. It's not the view from the stars, but it'll do.

We start saying things like that ... "it'll do" ... "it is what it is" and "I can't live in the clouds forever". We lose the magic. We lose the belief in ourselves. We lose what makes life so special. And rather than living our life, we start letting life live us. No dreams. No more crazy childish adventures. Go to work. Slap on a smile. Pay the bills. It's the good life.

Except that it's not. We feel empty inside. There's a hole where the magic used to be. The light is gone and the fairy-dust is well, just dust. It sucks.

That's not what "growing up" or "becoming an adult" has to look like. We get to choose whether or not the magic continues to live inside of us. As you get older, though, it gets harder and harder to keep the magic alive. So, you must choose. Either you work to keep it around or you give up and let it go.

The magic never really leaves, though. It's always there inside of you. And sometimes you'll see glimpses of it ... like when you're playing with children, laughing at silly YouTube videos, falling in love. The magic is always there. We just don't always choose to see it.

((After a beautiful conversation with one of my dearest friends tonight, this weighed heavily on my heart. I hope this means as much for some of you as it does for me. As kids, the magic of life is so easy to see. There's nothing to distract us from it. But, as we get older, life moves in and shields us from the magic. You get to choose how important it is to you. You get to choose to see the magic in every day. It's up to you, lovely.))