Life is not always glamorous ...

Life is not always glamorous, but sometimes the most glamorous of moments are the simplest. So, I'm going to share with you the simple moments from this weekend that made it so sweet. 

I'm really bad about beating myself up for taking the time I need to just be. On Friday morning, though, I gave myself the permission I needed to take a long snowy, morning walk with #BokenTheBerner. Snow days give me that carefree, heart-filled permission that I need sometimes. It was the perfect start to the day.

Do you see those snowflakes?! Ahhh! They're miraculous! They're so tiny and beautiful and every one different than the next.

Friday night, Josh and I spoiled ourselves and went on a date night. We treated ourselves to some delicious food and drinks during Happy Hour before heading to do a little wedding shopping! We snagged these beauties for some table centerpieces.

Sunday morning I recorded what will be one of the very first Grit and Glitter Co. Podcasts. Sweet friends, my heart is full. I could feel fireworks exploding during so many parts of this convo and I cannot wait to share it with you oh so soon! Here's a sneak peek at my podcast recording set up!

We then headed out for a cold, snowy morning walk with #BokenTheBerner in downtown Denver. These peaceful, weekend morning walks are always my favorite.